Mi Blackstone Shaver
  • Xiaomi Enchen BlackStone Smart 3D Electric Shaver Razor for Men Beard Hair Trimmer Type-C Rechargeable 3 Blades Shaving Machine It comes with a system of three rotating and independent heads, these allow a more complete shave that Xiaomi calls “3D”.


    Thanks to the independent movement of each head it is, in fact, possible to shave the beard even in the most difficult points such as around the lips, cheeks, and chin.


    The razor blades are ultra thin and have a double ring structure, this is to be able to cut as many hairs with a larger contact surface.


    Thanks to the ESM system it is then possible to shave without slowing down until the end of the refill, so no more pain due to the jam of unwanted hair. Since we are talking about charging, it is useful to mention that the Enchen BlackStone can be used for 90 minutes in a row after a 60 minutes recharge.


    Package includes: Enchen Blackstone Shaver,Charging Cable, and User Manual.


    • Model: Black Stone 3D Electric Shaver
    • Rated Power: 5W
    • Rated Voltage: 5V
    • Charging Time: 60 mins
    • Charging Method: USB Charging
    • Size: 155 x 53mm / 6.10" x 2.09"
    • Net Weight: 139g
    • 3D Floating Cutter Head
    • Feature:Triple Blade
    • Washing Mode: Whole body washing
    • Steel
    • Length: 15.5 cm, Width: 5.3 cm, Height: 5.3 cm


    Non returnable. 

    Mi Blackstone Shaver