Mi Electric Mosquito Dispeller White
  • The Mi Electric Mosquito Dispeller is designed for people who are always on the go. It is small and minimalist looking with a natural wood design that can blend displayed in any home interior in style. It uses a "Natural Mosquito Repellent" tech with odorless and toxic chemical-free natural herbal extracts to combat mosquitoes. The device also has a power button and a timer that automatically turns the device off after 10 hours of usage.


    It has no disturbing noises designed to let you sleep well at night. It can be used for a month with 20.5 percent better efficiency versus other mosquito repellent liquid. It also has up to 15 square meters of coverage. It has an Eye Protection Night Light in a blue tone that can serve as a night light.


    It features minimalist and lightweight design, smooth white body with wooden material. The elegant design is easy to match with any type of home style or furniture design.


    Package includes: 1 Mi Electric Mosquito Dispeller, 1 Liquid Mosquito Repellant, and 1 USB Cable.


    Non returnable. 

    Mi Electric Mosquito Dispeller White