Mi Handheld Fan White
  • Xiaomi Handheld Fan supports for taking with your hand or just putting it on the flat desktop, so convenient for use anytime and anywhere, and its large battery with 1800mAh capacity can deliver long-term wind enjoyment, helping you enjoy the whole summertime.


    It was specially designed with this small size to exploit its main function; portability, which is one of its main highlighting factors since it can be perfectly used in spaces where there is no availability of a power outlet.


    Package includes: 1 Portable Fan, and 1 USB Cable


    • Battery: 3.7V/ 1800mAh
    • Type: Handheld Fan
    • Product Size: 106mm x 36mm x 205mm
    • Product weight: 200g
    • Charging time: 3.5 hours
    • Charging interface: Micro USB interface
    • Power input: DC5V-1A
    • Package Size: 20.7cm x 11.8cm x 5cm
    • Package Weight: 300g
    • Plastic
    • Length: 10.6 cm, Width: 3.6 cm, Height: 20.5 cm


    Non returnable. 

    Mi Handheld Fan White