Natural Sea Salt

What are the Benefits?

It contains as many as 80 trace vitamins and minerals, hydration, support kidney detoxification, cleansing of the colon, the health of libido, brain function, heart health, and overall energy levels.

Benefits of Sea Salt on FOOD IS MEDICINE with Dr. Josh Axe

Zambales Natural Sea Salt

Farmed the Traditional Way

Salt is our most important flavor. It is the most ubiquitous seasoning; no food is arguably good without it. It is such a common occurrence to experience it that we forget — or maybe don’t care — about how it comes to be, from the earth to our tongues.


Before it became a staple on every table, salt was considered to be a prized mineral during ancient times. In Ancient Rome, salt was worth its weight in gold, and was sometimes used to pay their legions. Salt became important to trading, and was transported in huge quantities by ship. Its importance sometimes led nations to enter wars; and apart from being used to enhance the flavor of food, salt is also used in certain religious ceremonies.


To understand its significance, one must learn the process of salt-making. The mineral is gathered in two ways: either by mining it to get halite or rock salt, or by evaporating large quantities of sea water. Either way, the process of procuring salt is long and arduous: while industrial processes have become more efficient, the traditional way — which farmers still use today — requires patience.

Unlike highly processed table salt, unrefined natural salts aren’t heated, manipulated, or altered in any way. Biodegradable Packaging made with palm, bamboo, and rattan.

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